Recent Jobs

Black Gold is unique in its long-term and diversified experience. Through projects such as pressure washing and application of concrete sealant to the nation's largest nuclear plant, historic restoration and preservation of 150 year old buildings, application of special coatings for asphalt and cement storage facilities, seawater sealants and coatings for off-shore drilling rigs, painting gas and oil plants, storage tanks and drillings rigs in a four state region, Black Gold has developed a reputation for quality and professionalism throughout several industries nationwide.

We like to keep people posted on the latest projects that are finished or in progress:

Chesapeake Containment Mat Cleanup (In Progress)

SandRidge (Finished Product)

Chesapeake Teal Lease (In Progress) - Blaine County, Oklahoma

Patterson Drilling Rig 536 (Finished Product)

Chesapeake Through the Trees